NAGARATHARS – It is a community well known for their culture of being together and bring prosperity to the Country they are from and the One they live in through Social and Community Services. They adapt themselves to the culture of any region across the world without losing their original identity & their roots i.e., welfare of their home towns.
Keeping in line with the tradition & culture of Our Community, Nagarathars living in UAE came together and formed “Dubai Nagarathar Sangam” in the year 2004, with an objective of extending Community Services both to UAE living Nagarathars and our Community in India.
Since Centuries back, it has been our strong culture that we come together in the places where we live in and use the power of our togetherness for the betterment of our community back home. We have always supported our community growth through providing affordable dwelling/residential facilities widely known as “Nagara Viduthi” in the places where our community has to travel either seeking livelihood or visiting holy/religious places, while building palatial Residential houses in our Hometowns in Chettinad.

Keeping in line with such laudable and most appreciable tradition of ours, Dubai Nagarathar Sangam decided to build and provide a most modern and cost effective residential facility to our Community in a place where they need such facility most. Most Nagarathars living outside our Native Places for their livelihood needed a modern residential facility to stay for few days to attend to family / religious functions at our home towns. Though we had our own huge residential houses in our home towns, they lacked in modern facilities and also doing a quick maintenance for a short stay is very hard for many. So many who visit our home town for a short stay needed a modern and cost-effective residential facility. So, Dubai Nagarathar Sangam decided to build a “Nagara Viduthi” at Karaikudi, a township with most required facilities available at hand reach and also located in the middle of most of Chettinad Towns.

Since the effort was to provide a most modern facility at an affordable cost, a huge amount of planning and budgeting efforts were put in to mobilize the Resources required to convert this Dubai Nagarathars’ dream project into reality. Since the total cost of the project was working out to a large sum, planning and execution thereon required a lot of conviction, consistency in thinking, hard work and team efforts.

Such qualities are natural and in the DNA of Nagarathars. The required resources were garnered from different sources and angles. Sponsorship amount collected from a Musical Event organized at Dubai for 6 consecutive years, a portion of Pilliyar Nombu Ellam collections, Room/Furniture sponsorship from Members and the interest free loans extended by the Members put together resulted in a beautiful and most modern Nagara Viduthi in the center of Karaikudi. It was inaugurated by Hon.Justice AR. Lakshmanan Avl on 20th April 2018.